Back from Mexico! | 2004-09-10
Our photographer Roger Sundberg is back from Cancun Mexico, after 23 hours traveling, Cancun - Miami - Madrid - Arlanda Sweden, tired now eh?

"Yes, but happy and I'm looking back on this trip with a big smile now, it's been great in all possible ways."

You came Top-6 of over 40 good photogrphers from all over the world, a result you thought of being possible?

"Not att all, the other photographers where far more experianced, have been there year after year. The Top-6 photographers I ended up with where earlier years winners and 2nd place winners etc. So doing the final "Top-6 catalog shoot out" with these photographers made me both happy and very nervous, having no clue what it was like. But they are all good sports, the team, judges, models and staff are so professional helping and explaining."

What was the final shoot out like?
"It was on a timer, 7 rolls of film on for shooting 10 suits and models in your choice of location and time, as long as you have finished all rolls on given amount of time. You have to shoot all suits front and back in best possible way for the catalog. They judge my style, directions of the model, suit color with background, positioning/croping of images etc. All hard in 40'C (in the shadow), bright light and with a timer ticking, counting no of suits/per roll front and back :) "

"I have to thank my Scandinavian/Norway team; photographer Ståle, lovely model Helene Rask (, film crew Lars and sweet singer Toni Gaath, and all great sponsors who togeather made this trip possible for me! "

"And a big special superthanks to Ståle, Jim and Russ who showed that new rookies are welcome and supported me more in best possiblel way. I owe you big time! "

And who won the competitions?
" The Ujena 2005 Model of the Year is lovely Kimberly Anderson, just great looks and a lovely personality. Hope to work with here again for sure. And the Ujena 2005 Photographer of the Year is Kevin Crawford. A well worthy winner, great photographer and a popular by everybody. Simply two great worthy winners."

"I also like to thank Bob, Cathy, Lisa, all lovely and good looking staff models, photographer Stephen, the whole film crew and all involved to making this great event possible.
Hope to see you all soon again, somewhere exotic next year! "

// Rodge

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