G-Babes shoots for 2010! | 2009-09-04
Zolex and Roger Sundberg Photography are now looking for 10 more hot G-Babes for 2010!

Like cool & fast cars? Enjoy glamour, posing sexy and smoking hot with cool cars? And still being in focus and the main attraction? G-Babe expos will be about You, not the cool car you are posing on!

G-Babe Magazine Expos is on 4 magazine pages! And at the end of the year the magazine also makes a cool WallCalendar, some years also posters etc!

Se example images on facebook group
"G-Babes 2009 & 2010"

The first shoots will be held now in september, weekend sat 12 and sunday 13!

Sounds interesting??

Sign up Now [using this form!]

Or you can email us this data:
Info on your self.
Your Age (must be 18+)
Contact data (mail & cell)
And 3-4 pictures on your self where face, body & figure is shown.

Send this to: info@zolex.se

Hope to see you soon! :)

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